Clean Energy Library

Stay up to date on clean energy topics, such as...
  • Solar Energy
  • Combined Heat & Power
  • Project Funding
  • TerraShares (that's us)
  • Sustainability
  • Future of Energy
  • Climate Change
  • Advanced Energy Storage

Solar Energy

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Solar Suitability Audit

Is your site a candidate for solar? Find out with this straight forward audit.
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K-12 Solar Schools - Tenessee Magazine

School Property Managers tout 26 commercial solar systems developed by TerraShares guaranteed over $850,000 in new revenue, yet invested no money.

Combined Heat & Power

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CHP Overview

What CHP is, how it works, best applications, technical and financial performance etc., for businesses and organizations, even homes. 15 pages.

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CHP Data Survey

While the client need provide little more than monthly utility bills and a facility tour, our CHP team digs deeper to ensure an optimal solution.

Project Finance

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Third Party Financing Fact Sheet

80% of clean energy is funded by third party investors. Hosts invest nothing, yet save 10 - 20% of energy cost. Applies to solar and other technologies, too.


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JA Professional Profile

John Atkins is the founder of TerraShares.