About Us

We are driven...

image ... to help your business/organization secure energy sustainably, reduce utility costs and create a host of other benefits. Clean Energy produced on site does that.

Today more than ever, organization stakeholders want tangible evidence that the places where they buy, work and invest are seriously reducing their climate impact.

How is TerraShares different?

BUSINESS FIRST.   We get it that all corporate activity — including Going Green — must make good business sense. Fortunately, Sustainability almost always does, enhancing competitiveness and stability while it benefits all stakeholders — Profits, People and Planet — the "Triple Bottom Line"

NO MORE EXCUSES. Energy, materials, waste and poor social capital cost money. In the past some costs may have been hidden by policy, ignorance, habit or even a biased regulatory structure. No longer. Organizations with lower costs gain advantages that translate into cashflow and profits. On average 15% more profits.

NO HIDDEN AGENDA. TerraShares´ mission is to help show you the way through Clean Energy solutions knowledge, resources and client benefits. We are your advocate... period.
Our Clean Energy Heritage...
TerraShares' clean energy roots date back to the mid-1980's when our predecessor, Environmental Technologies, installed the Tennessee Valley Authority's first known solar PV system in Chattooga, Tennessee.

More recently, TerraShares has developed PV systems for 28 East Tennessee schools that save them about 10% of energy and guarantee them nearly $1million in new revenues... with zero investment or budget outlay.

Today TerraShares is introducing Combined Heat and Power, also called Co-Generation or dual generation, to clients in East Tennessee and beyond. Today CHP already produces 12% of US electric power with efficiencies up to 92%.

Project Leadership...
While prioritizing on the Client's unique needs, TerraShares takes more than simple "Turnkey Responsibility" to every TerraShares project. Every client can count on us to stand in their shoes, to see the project from their perspective, their priorities and their energy needs.