Feasiblity Audit Request

Despite explosive growth, clean, renewable energy systems must still be applied properly.

Step One is always a no-charge Feasibility Audit... learn right away if a potential project is worth your time. For details about getting a feasibility study, see "Help".

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Reduce energy costs
Reduce/eliminate Peak Demand Charges
Reduce carbon footprint
Motivate stakeholders to greater sustainabiity
Communicate sustainability achievements

Technology interest...
Solar Energy
Combined Heat & Power
Energy Storage
Energy Efficiency

Select all that apply:
Open roof or ground area is available (solar)
Limited shading/obstructions (solar)
Central hot water or steam HVAC (CHP)
Indoor swimming pool (CHP)
We use heat/cooling in process operatons (CHP)
We have high Demand Charges
We have Variable utility rates