Clean Energy Finance

... the determining factor in every Clean Energy project.

TerraShares is known for innovative strategies in project funding and third party transactions.

Since 2015 — the year Renewable Energy became as cheap as utility power — more investment has been pouring into solar, wind and CHP than any other energy source. With appropriate financing, you, too, will find Clean Energy is an excellent investment.

You are already investing in energy. Are you getting Clean Energy and its extra benefits?

SUSTAINABILITY IS GOOD FOR PROFITS.   A large study by A. T. Kearney documents that sustainable organizations enjoy 15% - 40% higher profits and better operating ratios than non-sustainable peers in the same industry. McKinsey & Company found similar results. In a very real way, non-sustainable companies are already paying for sustainability and Clean Energy in the form of higher costs, without getting any of the benefits.

YOUR CAPITAL INVESTMENT IN ENERGY.  When you pay your utility's demand charges, your are repaying THEIR capital investment for them. Utilities like to "Double Dip" — charge you once for the power you use and then charge you again to recover their capital investment — adding 40% - 60% to your electricity bill. Why not invest a portion of those demand charges into your own sustainability and on-site generation of Clean Energy?
Whatever your organization structure (for-profit, non-profit, municipality, school, etc.), TerraShares can create a funding strategy that matches the appropriate Clean Energy technology and ownership model with an increasing range of financing vehicles and incentives now available. It's part of your TerraShares Feasibility study.