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Solar School Consortium
Learn how solar is used in schools nationally

JLM Energy Inc
Energy storage and other energy products for home & business. We are a JLM dealer

School reduces peak energy with ice
Energy storage takes many forms. Ice is one, hot water is another.

Southeast Alliance for Clean Energy
Promotes clean energy and environmental solutions for climate change and healthy communities. We are a member.

How much solar energy can your property produce?
PV WATTS, the gold standard in solar energy calculators. It's our standard estimator. Try it yourself; call us if you need help.

Cogeneration: How it Works
NSCUSA is a world leader in CHP. TerraShares is an affiliate.

Where CHP Works Best
CHP accounts for 12% of US electricity generation! But the 60% in Denmark highlights a promising CHP future of new applications and market growth.

National Renewable Energy Laboratory
NREL is a vast source of credible research and information about renewable energy . A vital resource.

Where CHP is Deployed
Energy Department map of where CHP is installed, including Tennessee

Energy Savings - Indoor Swimming Pools
Energy consumption in indoor swimming pools is notoriously high, but there is also a huge potential for savings.

TerraShares Clean Energy
Innovative Clean Energy for non-profits and businesses.

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