Clean Energy Solves Problems

Taking Sustainability to the next level.

TerraShares uses Clean Energy to solve problems organizations must address to become Sustainable.


Problems TerraShares solves.

HIGH ENERGY COST.  Virtually every organization is trying to lower energy costs. With Clean Energy your organizations can increase profits (or equivalent) an average of 15% vs. your industry peers. Reducing your energy costs and carbon footprint is now more realistic, compelling and easier, than ever before.

BTW: nearly every function and operation in your organization is an energy user whose "energy component" must be addressed to maximize energy savings.

PEAK DEMAND CHARGES  Utilities like to "Double Dip" — charge you once for the power you use and then a second time to recover their capital investment and profit — adding 40% - 60% to your electricity bill in the form of Demand Charges. Embedded in clever policies, Demand Charges have been extremely hard to avoid or reduce without severely disrupting operations.

NO PAT ANSWERS.   Energy Efficiency and Sustainability are unique to every organization. While outside coaching can make a difference, only your own staff has proprietary operating knowledge and the relationships needed to motivate your staff. This contrasts with Clean Energy technologies, like solar and CHP, where feasibiity analysis is critical, but implementation is today quite straight forward.

Our Core Technolgy offerings...

  • Solar Energy Systems
  • Combined Heat and Power
  • Advanced Energy Storage
  • Project Funding

Services we provide...

  • Feasibility Audits
  • Energy Efficiency
  • System Design
  • Project Management
  • Client Representation