Combined Heat & Power

... gets double duty from the energy you buy.

"CHP" produces two forms of usable energy from a single fuel source. Reduces power costs about 20%.

Also called Co-Generation, CHP is unmatched in energy efficiency, reducing energy costs and consumption and demand charges, while shrinking your carbon footprint.


Why Consider CHP?

  • Energy Efficiency to 92% (up from 30-40%)
  • Saves power cost - average 20%
  • Reduces Electric Purchases
  • "Dispatchable" Power - shaves power peaks, demand charges
  • Works w/ chiller - Cool and dehumidify
  • Increases Energy independence Anti-Black out capability
    Stand alone operation
    Black Start capability
  • Reduces carbon footprint 30%
  • Natural Gas rate savings to 32%
  • Hedge against higher utility bills

CHP - a good fit for your facility?

For decades, CHP has been a great fit for large chemical plants, universities and food processing facilities. Modern pre-engineered CHP systems offer a great option for smaller applications, like office buildings, health clubs, multifamily residential buildings, supermarkets and hospitals and many others. Find out with a no-cost feasibility audit, free from TerraShares.
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