Why Go Green?

"...to gain business advantages".

image With virtually every nation in the world now committed to fighting climate change, an organization's "option" to adopt Sustainable Business Practices is no longer really optional.

Every business and organization that uses energy and materials will inevitably feel pressure from customers, employees and regulators. Sustainable industry competitors are already more efficent and profitable. And the pace is accelerating. Delay means falling further behind; catching up will be ever harder. Smart organizations are getting ahead of the curve right now.

The #1 reason companies Go Green is to increase profits.

... and average of 15% per year, across 99 industries studied. Same for not-for-profits. Indeed, Sustainability is still about saving energy, environmental protection. But even more, it's about good business, about surviving and thriving in a world where advantages go to the nimble.. and the Green.

There are other reasons, too...
  • Greater Sales and Market Share
  • Lower operating Costs
  • Marketplace Advantages
  • Regulatory Compliance
  • Avoiding business disadvantages
What stakeholders want...
  • Customers want sustainable products & services.
  • Investors want the greater profitability Sustainability brings (avg. 15% )
  • Commercial buyers want/demand sustainable suppliers
  • Governments are increasingly held accountable for unsustainable policies
  • Millenial & Gen Z job seekers want sustainable employers

The upside of Sustainability...

The main upside is... there is no downside. Sustainable schools, businesses, municipalities and non-profits virtually always see an upward spiral of benefits in productivity, market presence and customer loyalty. Clean energy helps convince students, faculty, management, employees your organization is ready for the next era.